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Success in the Career Jungle Blog is a spinoff of the Amazon Best Selling Book, Navigating the Career Jungle. Both the book and blog emphasize the cornerstones of excellence, truth, honesty, ethics, hard work, respect, and continuing self-improvement for those wishing to experience success in their professional lives. As a young professional you just don’t know what you don’t know. Early on in your career, there may be a lack of realistic expectations in part due to popular culture that highlights the glamorous side of career growth without also showcasing the importance of hard work. #NTCJ book is a guide that provides concepts to establish best practices in achieving career success.
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Finding Balance (In a Topsy Turvy Business World)
By Erin Whitlock Brown


I wear many hats in my professional life—freelancer, blogger and small business owner to name a few. On any given day I am working on five different projects simultaneously and meeting deadlines just in the nick of time. For as long as I can remember I’ve thrived on full-plate schedules…I guess it’s just how I’m wired. And I’ll be honest, I have tried to work like “normal” people: you know, taking on tasks one at a time, focusing on a singular project versus the circus juggling act I’ve become accustomed to. But that doesn’t work for me, and over the years, I’ve learned that I’m not alone! Many serial entrepreneurs thrive on constant movement and activity. However, the most valuable thing I’ve learned since entering the working world over 10 years ago and attempting to figure out the best work model that fits my needs is this: you must find balance. It’s imperative. No matter how much money you make or how high up the career ladder you climb, it’s all for naught if your personal (or social) life is out of whack. Here are three ways I strive to keep a balanced work/life style:

(1) Unplug: Turn off your phone (or keep it on silent) for one hour after arriving home from work or a big meeting. Give yourself time to decompress from the day.

(2) Find Solace in Solitude: Treat yourself to a coffee break (that isn’t a client meeting) or a glass of wine. Solo. You’d be surprised by how much those 15 minutes to half an hour can rejuvenate you!

(3) Read Fluff: Live is full of important documents, emails and memos that you have to read. Why not grab something that you want to read. A fashion glossy, gossip blog or even the style section of that issue of The New York Times that’s been collecting dust on your coffee table. Just grab something that allows you to escape, even if it’s just for a little while.

These three things, while small, have helped me to be a better wife, sister, friend and pet parent. Hopefully they will help you to be a better everything as well.


Erin Whitlock Brown is a writer, bridal editor, stylist, and the voice behind Brains of the Outift, a style blog dedicated to tracking trends for less. Erin has held various positions with lifestyle Websites, women’s interest publications and higher education institutions including Perfect Wedding Guide, Clutch Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine and Emory University. In her freelance life she has penned articles for newsstand publications and popular sites such as Essence Magazine, Upscale Magazine and DailyCandy. When she’s not on deadline, buried in blog posts or designing products for her new shopping website,, you’ll find her in the kitchen honing her budding cooking skills and checking off destinations on her “must see before I have kids” travel list. Erin currently lives in Atlanta with her husband, Antwyn, and their superdog, Teddy.

Follow her on social: Twitter: @erinwbrown | Instagram: @eewb

Today’s #careertip when you’re working with a client speak their language. Do not use internal lingo or acronyms, it will confuse them and potentially cost you a client. #communicationtip (at

Back by popular demand Jacqueline’s daily #careertip ! If you’re having trouble managing your time try breaking large assignments into small manageable task. You’ll also want to set a timeline.

Navigating the Grad School Maze: 3 Questions Grad School Applicants Should Ask Themselves


If you are thinking about pursing your graduate degree, here are three questions you should ask yourself to see if you are ready to take the leap!

  1. Why am I choosing to make this commitment?  Pursuing graduate school for the wrong reason could be a big waste of time and a great source of frustration.   Graduate school applicants should determine if a graduate degree will help them transition into a new field, move up in their current field, enhance their professional status, and/ or simply serve as a source of self-satisfaction.  If intentions for attending graduate school do not line up with the results, you will be disappointed, frustrated.
  2.  How am I going to pay for this? Graduate school is an expensive educational investment.  Loans are the first option that most potential applicants think about.  However, obtaining grants, scholarships and fellowships that are offered by programs themselves or by external foundations can assist alleviating the long-term financial burden.  To increase diversity, there many scholarship and fellowship programs that will pay tuition and a monthly stipend for minority students.
  3.  What type of program is right for me? Besides the traditional face-to-face model that that is most common, there are various non-traditional models that many students may not consider.  Some programs may offer completely online degrees that have both live and recorded classes.  Others may have a blended model where students attend class online and in-person.  For extremely busy professionals who cannot attend weekday classes, there are intense weekend programs. 


Dr. Erin Wheeler is a college academic coach, consultant and blogger who is interested in the higher education success of minority and low-income students.  She is also the owner of E_Source Learning Solutions, a Higher Education consulting agency.  

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Twitter: @HigherEdSuccess


Courtney Keener, is the proud owner of Virtue Boutique, a Talent Manager/Stylist for American Eagle Outfitters Inc., and the Director of Protocol for Beacon Light Baptist Church of Hammond, LA. 


JVT: What’s your favorite quote?

CK: There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections #BeYou

JVT: What is your favorite movie?

CK:I love old musicals… most people will have never heard of this movie but my favorite is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (don’t judge me lol)

JVT: What’s your favorite tweet?

CK:You can’t allow someone else’s personal journey to detour your own, What’s your you, may not be for them

JVT:What is the best advice you’ve received?

insert from Cortney’s blog





That’s what I had to eventually say to myself. For so long I have had dreams of owning my own clothing store, but never imagined I actually would. DOUBT.

I doubted myself. Continuously

Like who would honestly take me seriously enough to buy clothes from me?

Where would the money come from?

Do I have what it takes?

Some times all it takes is for one person to believe in you!

                                        A SIMPLE TEXT

I woke up at 7 am on April 6th and messaged my best friend of 20 years.

“Soo I know its early and this is coming out of nowhere, but tell me what you think. I get so many compliments on the way I dress and the clothes I wear. I’m gonna open my own store. I have the knowledge of how to a business operates. I want to start an online store to see how good/bad the idea is, what’s trendy, what people will buy and not buy. And then branch out into an actual store. I want to target working women. Like I don’t want to sell club clothes, but clothes that a working girl can wear to the office and head to happy hour right after. Is that crazy? Sorry for rambling..”

her response.

“NOPE, not crazy at all!! It’s a GREAT idea. Go for it!

and that’s what I intend to do! STAY TUNED..

~ CO

Cortney’s courage to face her fears and make her dream a reality is amazing! Make sure you connect with her…

She’s on INSTAGRAM: @Co_Pretty_Sididdy   @Virtue_Boutique

                                        you can also find her 

I’m so excited for my hometown book signing!!!! #NTCJ (at

I’m accepting this challenge posted by @lornajaneactive change the way you think & you’ll change the situation! Think positive & positive things will come your way!

I love networking and am a huge fan of networking online. However, receiving a generic message on LinkedIn to connect can deter me from connecting. Here are a few templates that I’ve created to help me connect with other professionals on LinkedIn. I’m sharing these in hopes that we can eliminate the generic invitation and become to truly connect or “link” with our professional colleagues.

Tips to Remember:

•The most successful networking relationships are built to be mutually beneficial relationships.

•You’re limited to the number of characters in an LinkedIn invitation. Don’t waste your characters. 

•You don’t have to mention the word “invitation” in your message because, it will appear in the invitation section of LinkedIn.

•Be authentic and honest, people can tell when you’re not.


  • Template for connecting with someone you meet at an event:

Hello ___________ (insert the person’s first name),

It was a pleasure to meet you at ___________, (insert name of event) yesterday. I look forward to speaking to you more about __________ (insert something you talked about, this will help them to remember who you are and the conversation that you had). Let’s stay in touch and meet for coffee soon ( this can be lunch, happy hour, dinner).

Best Regards,

Your Name and email address or phone number

*Always send the invite within 48 hours of meeting someone. You don’t want them to forget who you are you. *

  • Template for connecting with someone you know through a mutual acquaintance:

Hello ___________ (insert the person’s first name),

I noticed that you and I are both connected to ___________ (insert mutual acquaintance’s name here). I’d like to connect with you because __________ ( insert reason here but be brief).

Best Regards,

Your Name and email address

*If you live in the same area, suggest meeting in person in the invitation*

  • Template for connecting with a client/colleague/classmate:

Hi ___________ (insert the person’s first name),

I hope all is well. You and I worked together at _______________ ( insert company name here), on _________ (insert project or group name here). I’d like to reconnect with you are you available to meet for coffee soon ( this can be lunch, happy hour, dinner)? My contact information is below.

Best Regards,

Your Name and email address

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Appearance 101

Today’s Spectacular September blog post comes from guest blogger fashionandsubstance.. 

Nothing helps us get back into the swing of things like a new wardrobe. You remember what it felt like to go back-to-school shopping.  The same applies here.  With the heat of the summer slowly rolling out, and the dress code at work heating back up we need to start thinking about what our appearance says about us.  This past May I had the exciting opportunity to speak at the Young Professionals Network Conference for the CDC on the topic of what our appearance says about us and how it can make us feel.  So with us juggling our careers, social lives, kids, and getting back to stricter dress codes I thought I’d take the next couple of weeks to share my tips and tricks on how to make our wardrobe work for us.

Here’s how you can connect with fashionandsubstance


Instagram: Fashion and Substance


Google+ : Lakeisha Massey


My mom and I are excited to announce my hometown book signing at her boutique! #NTCJ Book Signing! Sept 21 in Slidell,Louisiana @ Jear Voan’s Hair Boutique! (at