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Success in the Career Jungle Blog is a spinoff of the Amazon Best Selling Book, Navigating the Career Jungle. Both the book and blog emphasize the cornerstones of excellence, truth, honesty, ethics, hard work, respect, and continuing self-improvement for those wishing to experience success in their professional lives. As a young professional you just don’t know what you don’t know. Early on in your career, there may be a lack of realistic expectations in part due to popular culture that highlights the glamorous side of career growth without also showcasing the importance of hard work. #NTCJ book is a guide that provides concepts to establish best practices in achieving career success.
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Your career is in your hands. You are in control if it. Don’t complain about lack of opportunities, being passed for a promotion, or not getting this “awesome” job that you’re the perfect fit for. Why? Because, you have to do the work to prepare for the position that you want. Make it a priority to read, do so avidly! You will learn that reading is the secret to success . Turn off your TV, stop sitting around doing nothing, if you want more…. DO MORE! #EMULATEEXCELLENCE #careertip

Do whatever it takes to be successful; just make sure you do it with integrity.
Jacqueline Twillie

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The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.

5 Essential Items to Keep @ Your Desk

1. A Water Bottle, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day!

2. A set of “Thank You Cards”, it’s nice to be nice. Showing appreciation can be incredibly beneficial to your career to show your colleagues that you appreciate their actions (big or small).

3. An Evernote notebook, taking notes electronically is always a plus and sometimes you just want to write on paper. This notebook allows you to take a picture and upload to your Evernote account.

4. Earbuds, there may be a moment when you feel overwhelmed or you just need a boost to finish the day. Earbuds allow you to escape to your happy place and get in the zone by listening to your favorite playlist.

5. Navigating The Career Jungle Book: A Guide For Young Professionals. It’s always a good idea to keep a handle guide at your fingertips!

#bethere #dayone please share this message over & over. We must spread the word. #knowledgeispower regardless of what city you live in, kids can’t afford to miss school —————- Last year, more than 10 percent of Atlanta Public Schools students didn’t attend school on the first day of classes.

Missing school can lower math and reading scores and leave your child less likely to graduate.

This year, with new Superintendent Dr. Meria Carstarphen leading the way, APS and #11Alive want to make sure parents have the information they need to get their kids to school on the first day.

The first day of school in Atlanta is August 4.

1. What are the signs you are networking with the wrong people?

Networking should be mutually beneficial, therefore if you notice that the professional relationships that you are building are not mutually beneficial then you are networking with the wrong people.
A mutually beneficial professional relationship can be:
• Sharing an article on topic of interest
• A notification of an event that the other person can benefit from
• Encouragement & Celebration at various times

2. Why is it bad to network with the wrong people?

Networking with the wrong people can be draining on your energy and a time waster. Time is valuable if you’re doing 110% of the giving and the other person never replenishes encouragement or wisdom to you it is not mutually beneficial.

3. How can you correct this?

To correct this you must begin to set networking objectives. Set clear goals on what you want to accomplish by networking. More importantly you should have a good understand of your skills and strengths so that you can be of value to the people you connect with. Remember the key to a successful professional relationship is for it to be mutually beneficial.

If you don’t run your day, it will run you. Make it a priority to plan and then follow through!

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I have 3 Productivity Tools that are essential to keeping me on track. In today’s blog I’m sharing why I love these apps!

1. Evernote
Whether it’s a meeting or just an idea I have Evernote on my IPhone & IPad to capture all essential information. I love that I can email notes and set reminders using this app.

2. Uber/Lyft
Uber is a huge timesaver getting from point A to B, no more wasted in traffic time. While the driver is taking me to a destination I am able to catch up on emails, read the daily news, and even indulge in a little social media! { In full disclosure I’ve had a few Uber drivers who had no clue where I wanted to be dropped off at. I’ve used Lyft less than Uber, but haven’t had any problems.

3. NYT
The New York Times app is great for keeping me abreast of the latest happenings around the world. I rely on this trusted source of information to give me alerts whenever something big happens. When you’re in meetings all day, it’s great to be able to stay in the know. I don’t have time to watch hours of news, so this is a great time saver.

What’s your “go to” apps?

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#WOW #HUMBLED #HONORED #Repost from @confidentwomenconnect with @repostapp —- Congrats to @jvtwillie! This savvy Womanpreneur is our choice for today’s #WomanpreneurWednesday Feature. She’s an author, speaker, #blogger, and career coach. Her mission is to help elevate the careers of young professionals by bridging the gap between who they are and who they want to become. Keep blazing the trail for other #women #entrepreneurs. #womeninbusiness #womenempoweringwomen #mompreneurs #smallbusiness #business #confidentwomenconnect #empower #inspiration #wednesday #motivation #mentor #leadership.


What should job candidates keep in mind when using social media?

Job seekers should keep in mind that in addition to what you post, what you like and comment on can be seen by others on social media.

What is off-limits?

Saying anything negative or disparaging about your current or past employers should never be posted online.

What is OK to put on social media?

A good rule thumb to follow when posting on social media is, if you can say it and do it in front of your grandmother then post it. On the other side, if you question whether or not you should post something online, then you probably should not post it.

What advice would you have for a job candidate regarding his or her use of social media?

If you are actively seeking a new position check your privacy settings to ensure private posting remain private and be thoughtful about what you comment on.

My #wcw is Tory Burch! One of the reasons why I admire her is for her foundation.
The following was taken from
Inspired by her own experience as a business owner and working mother, designer Tory Burch launched the nonprofit Tory Burch Foundation in 2009. The Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the U.S. through affordable loans, mentoring programs and entrepreneurial education.

Tory believes that women are our best investment, and the Tory Burch Foundation looks forward to expanding its efforts in order to help them achieve their goals.

Starting a new job? This app is an absolute must. It will help you establish your brand. #jvtwillieappshare #hbr

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